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Take Control of Your Wellness!

Are you ready to take control of your overall health and wellness?

Are you looking to try something different to promote positive changes in your mind, body, and spirit?

Are you interested in adding holistic and alternative practices to compliment standard medical treatment?

Pranic Healing can help!

Welcome to Practical Prana.
There's much more to our human existence than the physical. Physical well being must also be balanced with emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.
At Practical Prana we strive to bring balance between these different pieces to allow YOU to reach your highest potential. We utilize Pranic Healing teachings and techniques as developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.
We strive to implement PRANA (subtle energy) in a very PRACTICAL way so that it can benefit us in every aspect of our life. Because, hey, it's the practical thing to do!

We invite you to explore our page, contact us with comments or questions, and we sincerely look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Our Services

Physical Wellness Sessions

Pranic Healing utilizes a holistic approach to improving physical health. Energy (prana) can be directed throughout the body to clear blockages and restore balance which facilitates physical well being. Most clients report feeling less pain, reduced symptoms, and faster healing from physical issues after receiving Pranic Healing.  Learn more or schedule a session today.

Sessions for Emotional & Mental Wellness

 Classes on Meditation and Pranic Healing

Maybe you just need to de-stress. Or maybe you're healing from a more severe emotional or mental illness. Pranic healing can restore balance and help change the energy contributing to these unhealthy patterns in the body and mind. Clients report feeling mentally clear, relaxed, and calm after receiving Pranic Healing.  Learn more or schedule a session today.
Interested in learning more about how Pranic Healing works? Need some guidance in meditation practice? Want to learn some tips on using prana for better health? Join us for one of our free introductory workshops or meditation groups.